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Waste rock wool briquette production line



No need to use gas or diesel, just electricity, 50 kWh,

A total of 3 workers are required (1 worker manages the entire production line, 1 worker drives tractor shovel, 1 worker drive forklift), if use bag cement, 1 more worker required for adding the cement.

The waste fiber briquette only needs to use conventional 425# cement as a binder, no additional binder is required, and the cement ratio is 8%-10%, Ash could be rejected and undersized(less than 2cm) basalt, dolomite, lava residue, coke, etc.

The use of waste briquette will not affect the performance of the furnace, and could save the amount of normal raw material. The briquette mixing ratio should be less than 20% of total amount of raw material.

Installation in China about 1 week, 1 engineer technical service at site, local factory arrange 4-5 workers supporting. Cost of technical service will be charged separately.



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